Marina Vaptzarova

Marina Vaptzarova creates contemporary luxury journals and lifestyle accessories handcrafted in Nepal, using natural and sustainable raw materials.

Founded by Marina Shrestha, the brand focuses on utilising traditional Nepalese techniques and materials, while developing new sustainable practices.

Marina Vaptzarova works solely with plant-based materials that regenerate rapidly, harvested by hand. Each book is hand-made and waste is reduced to a minimum through recycling or repurposing of all paper off-cuts. Marina Vaptzarova promotes diversity and economic development within the artisan community, employing women and men from all social backgrounds and ethnic origins.

The conservation of Nepalese craftsmanship is core to Shreshtha, and every design is inspired by Nepal’s cultural heritage. Her goal is to create sustainable products that serve as a conduit for Nepalese art, culture and tradition.

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