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With passion, precision, and dedication, our artisan partners turn craftsmanship into an art. The practice of applying beads and stones to traditional garments such as saris has evolved over centuries in India’s provinces. Today, in the Maharashtra region of India, the Karigars give life to Maiyet's unique designs through the Aari embroidery technique, where beaded embellishments are individually hand-applied using only a needle and a small hook.

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From India with Love

In the heart of Mumbai, on a quiet street lined with tea stalls, the Karigars give life to Maiyet's unique designs through the Aari and Zardosi embroidery techniques. The Karigars are men who often have learned the craft of embroidery from Karigars before them. They sit on the floor and hand embroider incredibly intricate and delicate patterns. It's painstaking work that requires intense attention to detail and years of training. Aari craftspeople have an immense repertoire of stitches, which Maiyet incorporates into designs to add texture and dimensionality to its garments. This type of craftsmanship is unlike anything else and truly is the most exquisite, luxurious hand-sewn embroidery tradition in the world.

An Embroidered Tale

The work of Scottish architect and artist Charles MacKintosh inspired of the graphics represented in this story. In his Rose group, MacKintosh blended the flourish of Art Nouveau with more simplistic “modernist ideas,” a concept which is reflected throughout the Fall 2015 collection.