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Sixth generation jeweler Madhuri Parson fuses Eastern tradition and Western sensibility. Born into a family of jewelers in India, her first glimpse into the jewelry world was spending time with her late grandfather in India who taught her the tradition of jewelry making. He was an innovator and one of the pioneers who wholesaled precious gemstones abroad in London, Paris, and Geneva. He taught her about the global marketplace, how to review gems, and shared his wisdom to respect and honor others. Madhuri’s admiration for her family led her back to Jaipur and Mumbai to develop her eponymous fine jewelry brand’s first collection

We are excited to welcome Madhuri's designs to and into our store at 16 Crosby St, Soho. 

In line with Maiyet's own mission, the Madhuri Parson jewelry line celebrates exquisite craftsmanship and supports global artisans. 


Madhuri’s appreciation for her jewelry heritage was set at an early age. The designer’s late grandfather exposed her to the art of jewelry making. A sixth generation gem enthusiast, Madhuri was born to design, which ultimately led her to develop her eponymous fine jewelry brand.

She draws inspiration from her travels, at home, and among nature. Bold colors, sensuous shapes, multicolored gemstones, exquisite Jaipuri enameling are signature aspects of her brand. "I wanted to create a versatile collection that would complement a woman’s complex emotions and demanding lifestyle, while enhancing her individuality."

Spending four months in Jaipur and Mumbai crafting her first collection, she worked alongside karigars (artisans) handcrafting her pieces. "Working with these artists brought me back to the time I spent learning the art of jewelry making from my grandfather."


Maiyet are pleased to welcome the MADU Yoga / Surf collection to and 16 Crosby St.

Each MADU Surf Yoga jewelry piece is handcrafted by women living in a remote village in Gujarat, India. The MADU Surf Yoga line adds the perfect bohemian touch to any Maiyet outfit, so throw on your favorite Arc Slip Dress and be ready to turn heads.