Your Bag


Molten and glowing she emerges, earth
grumbling beneath her. Footsteps sizzle,
carving their path along the ocean floor
and funneling up through the atmosphere.
Streams of heat.

Invisible lines tattooed from edge to
frayed edge that can’t be seen, only felt.
Ten billion inherited memories, rippling,
a symphony of altitudes cutting patterns
in the western wind.

She isn’t just another prickling layer in
the patchwork, but a seismic mastermind.
She is the engineer of destiny, weaving
the topographies of spectacular cities, of
untouched dunes and reefs, the eroded
sandcastles of time, skipping from one
to the next. 

After the dust settles she leaps towards
the sun, catching shadows like dominoes,
deciding which one to place in her path.
Her destination is a blank space on a map,
the next knot on an endless ribbon of sky,
drawing in one mile at a time.